World class vaulting

Upon purchase of Xgold, 1 gram of 999.9 gold is deposited per token into the vault directly, allowing you to directly hold allocated gold bullion. All bar serial numbers and ownership details are recorded on the blockchain and form part of the Audit report completed by BDO

XGold offer redemption in amounts of 1kgupon the surrender of tokens, pickup is available with 5 business days notice or upon request can be insured and couriered anywhere in the world.

Vaulting is provided by our partnership with Custodian Vaults, Australia's premier vaulting solution and member of the Pallion Group of companies




All gold bullion located in the vault is insured in the event of theft, damage, or fire, offering clients absolute financial security around their holdings

Underground Vault


The vault has been constructed underground within sandstone, allowing no direct access to any perimeter breach. The vault also has a corridor within the sandstone around the exterior to detect any breaches and lock down



Plain Clothed perimeter guards patrol the exterior of the vault, 2 independent undisclosed security firms also monitor the vault internally and externally 24/7

Private elevators


Private elevators are available on call for access to the vault, there is no direct access into the vault waiting area without prior reservation and elevator request through security



Facial recognition, biometric fingerprint scans, pin access, and physical identification checks are required to enter the vault



The vault is able to be locked down, with a 60 second response time in the event any security measures are breached