gold bullion

Fractional Ownership


Fractional ownership of Gold Bullion often allows investors access to unallocated gold, or derivatives. XGold allows small investors direct ownership in allocated bullion, which is easily tradable or redeemed for physical

Delayed Delivery


Gold Bullion purchased holds little security prior to delivery, especially if pick-up is delayed. XGold allows larger clients to have absolute security over their holdings, and allows redemption at any time via direct collection or insured courier worldwide



Large ETF's generally invest in unallocated gold, and trade at premiums of up to 2% over spot market. XGold allows traditional ETF investors to hold allocated gold bullion, at a discount to the premium paid. Institutional investors also attract substantially reduced management fee's making a blockchain gold ETF investment substantially more attractive than a traditional ETF investment



Implementing Blockchain around an ETF allows registry details to be held by a network of computers globally, through the blockchain. This allows clients absolute security around their holdings, and absolute freedom around redemption, privacy, and transferability



XGold tokens are transferable to any location globally, or any personal globally, almost instantly. Any end user can redeem. There is no need to sell your gold holdings on the same exchange you purchased them.



XGold offers token holders absolute privacy around holdings, owners are identified as per their blockchain wallet details